About Ecobuild

About Ecobuild

"EcoBuild Bulgaria" offers design, production and installation of low-energy prefab houses using Canadian SIP technology. Our company offers complete "turn-key", and various solutions that fully meet your needs and desires.

Our low-energy houses are carefully designed, manufactured and constructed in a way that guarantees the highest level of comfort, low costs for heating and cooling, healthy living environment and many other advatages. Our houses are only slightly less energy efficient than passive, but the initial costs of construction are much lower and the investment returns in a shorter period.

The houses we build are Unique as you are. They are designed and constructed in a way that fits your lifestyle! Whether we will work with your selected team of architects or with our team of designers, your wishes and views are a priority for us. It is not difficult to build your dream home when you work with the right partner!

Production capacity

"EcoBuild Bulgaria" offers prefabricated houses with modular construction produced in factory conditions. This significantly reduces installation time. In our manufactory we produce the required amount panels to build a house with area about 180m2 per 8 hours. For cutting the modules and operations to the commencement of installation of such a house requires about 8 days. The assembly of the structure takes about 15 days. You already have built your house for no more than a month.

Our production capacity allows us to grow our activities in the international market, which is a serious subject of our interests. The company is working on various projects with our international partners.



We will provide you all necessary information without wasting your time! To answer all your questions, we invite you kindly to visit us at our office or factory after prior appointment.

During our first meeting we will discuss your ideas and desires. If you still do not have a conceptual design, our team of architects will gladly assist. A team of professionals will consult you all the time. We will not impose our views and change your ideas.


Once you tell us more about your dream home, after we present you the technology we work with for our low-energy houses and their benefits, when you're ready, we can proceed with the design of your house. We will start with conceptual design, and after clarify all the details, we will move to work on technological project and all relevant project documentation.


Once the conceptual design is ready or based on your assignment, our Sales Team will prepare a quote detailing all types of construction works. Together with you we will discuss all elements of the proposed offer, to determine the necessary budget and to make adjustments if necessary.


After you approve the proposal and the offer we will signe a contract so we can begin the production and build your energy-efficient house.


Depending on the type of your house, the type of finishing and complexity of implementation, we will give you advance information about the terms for its implementation.

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